Sometimes the camera lets us see rainbows that we can't normally see with our eyes. Sometimes it is the flowers  that bring us the colors of the rainbow.

Please enjoy the many pictures in my gallery.  My photos are available for purchase.   They have been infused with reiki healing energy as well as the healing energy of the Nature Angels. Trust what you are drawn to as the image that will help you. Your higher self will guide you.  


Please note: These photos are base on 8 x 10 size. 

The ones above are horizonal in layout and the ones below are a vertical format. Pictures can be made in different sizes but the image will change slightly.  Each print is $39 and it includes a healing message or meditation from the Nature Angels.

*Each photo will also come with a digital download for you to enjoy on your computer or phone.  

All these photographs are taken by me.  My name will not appear on the prints you purchase unless you request it.

The energy is held within the photo.  These photos are copyrighted by me and the Nature Angels ask that you respect this when using and working with the photo image.  

Please visit my shop on Etsy to see my rainbow catchers.

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