Healing had to start with me from within.

I have been a medical secretary for 25+ years. I have always been able to calm a person's fear when a medical issue has caused them to be worried or feel anxiety.  I am very compassionate to other people's feelings but I realized I wasn't as compassionate to myself.  I realized I had so many of my own self-doubts, confusion, and feelings of unworthiness. I wanted to understand more and began my spiritual journey in 2014. 


​I came to the understanding that I am an empath and highly sensitive.  To help manage daily living, I shut down my feelings.   Inadvertently, this caused my intuition and creative abilities to also shut down and this created a big void in me. I realized I needed my own healing.  

​I began quieting my mind with meditation.  I started connecting with my Angels, spirit guides, and ancestors.  At first, the easiest way for me to receive the messages was by using tarot and oracle cards.  Now I have learned to channel by being in my heart center and seeing or hearing the messages.

When I realized that there is so much love and help for us from the Spirit realm, I no longer felt so alone.  I opened myself to the connectedness and I started noticing all the synchronicities in life.  I studied Reiki and other energy healing.  I became a Reiki master and also a certified Angel healer.

I reconnected with my love for nature and flowers. I have always enjoyed taking photos of flowers and of nature.  I realized that my photos brought healing to myself.   I understood the connections with the colors and the energy of the chakras.  The flower's colors have the many healing properties connected with the chakras.  Each flower has it’s own unique healing ability.

As I connected with nature, I found that I have the gift to connect with the Nature Angels, also known as the devas and the fairies.  They communicate to me telepathically.  They call to my attention what they want me to see and to photograph.

The Nature Angels help me because of my great love and appreciation for them.  They bless me by allowing me to capture their healing energy in the image of the flower.   My photos hold the energy of the Nature Angel, Mother Earth, and the sun, and bring this powerful energy to you in a soft and gentle way.  As an energy healer, I also add healing energy into my pictures.

​My soul’s purpose is to help bring healing to you by helping you release old hurts.  Where there is discomfort or pain, energy is blocked.  I invite you to experience the healing that is here for you.  My photos facilitate an awakening, an opening, a healing.  Let yourself experience the love and the healing.  It is available to everyone who seeks it.   Let me to assist you in connecting with nature and to receive the healing energy that is always here for whoever wants to receive it.

Karen Sayago

Let me help you view and enjoy life in a new way.

Karen is a gifted healer and a loving-kind person. During our session I could feel her subtle energy and all the love emanating from her.
She is just a beautiful being.

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