Why do we need Energy Healing?

We have so many different beliefs in our human psyche that we have been given from our family, our teachers, our neighbors, our friends, our religious upbringing.  All of these beliefs stay with us and become part of our subconscious thoughts.


If these beliefs are based on fear, for example, the fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of punishment, it is likely that they are holding us  back from following our hearts.


It is time to let go of the old story and heal the old hurts so we can move on to a more beautiful, happy, fulfilling life. 

When we release the old beliefs, we rediscover who we are. That is why I chose the name Release and Rediscover for my website. 

Everything in our life that is making us unhappy is showing us what we need to change. Things that happen in our outer reality are lessons that we are learning.  When we let these things go, we will continue to grow and enjoy this life. 

Some hurts run deeper.  This is why there are energy workers in the world.  When we don't acknowledge our feelings, our desires, our emotions, our physical body suffers.  This could happen on a completely subconscious level.  Release yourself of this.  Allow yourself  to rediscover and  experience a new and better reality. 


Please allow me to assist you. If a chakra is too open or blocked, dis-ease can set in.  Disease is when we are out of ease within our own body, our emotional body, our spiritual body, our mental body.  Connecting with the energy of the Universe as well as the Nature Angels and the flowers brings us healing on many levels.   The Nature Angels bring us healing through the flowers. The colors of the flowers work with the energy centers of the different chakras.  The Nature Angels allow me to capture this healing energy in my photos. It is a beautiful way to receive healing.